About Us

We are a volunteer group of Investigators, 100% of donations go towards the upkeep of 4 Element Paranormal.

The Majority of our Team have had Paranormal experiences through out their lives, this is true of our two Founders. The idea for 4 Element Paranormal was tossed around in 2011 by Tim Shirley and Lindsay Urry when they lived in upstate New York. In early 2012 they relocated to Lindsay’s home state of Utah and the Team officially formed consisting of Lindsay’s Family. We have investigated small homes to large businesses and historical locations through out upstate New York and Utah. We have also participated in several school projects, Jr. High School/ Library presentations, and given lectures at local Colleges. In 2013 we were given the “Best Ghostbusters” award by the Staff at The City Weekly. We are excited to see where our adventure takes us in the future and to help people sleep a little better at night.

As always Thank You for your support!

*We DO NOT charge for our investigations and will provide a file containing any unexplained evidence for your records.*

********Our Team takes the month of December off to be with our Families for the Holidays. This year is no exception but we have found ourselves booked for both the rest of October and November. So we are not taking on anymore investigations until after the first of the year. We are still available to answer questions . If you are having issues we can assist you by referring to other teams we have networked with.*******

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